A Day for Democracy

A NON-partisan initiative, founded by CEOs, to encourage leaders across the U.S. to pledge to increase voter registration and participation of their employees.

“Voting is THE most powerful tool to affect change in our communities and in our Country. This election I hope that everyone cast their ballots and has their voice heard.”

Sam H. Kennedy

President & CEO
Boston Red Sox

“It’s up to you and I to not only keep people informed of what options are but to emphasize how their voice really matters.”

Linda Pizzuti Henry

Managing Director
The Boston Globe

“It’s essential that everyone have the opportunity, the time and the resources to get to the polls to be an active part of their relationship with the government.”

Laura R. Van Zandt

Executive Director
Reach Beyond Domestic Violence

“This is a great way to make sure that US employees have access to everything they need to vote. I encourage all CEO level executives across the country to join us.”

Mike Capone


“We are proud to stand with the hundreds of companies that have signed the pledge with A Day for Democracy. I encourage you to join us. We can make a difference.”

Cathleen A. Schmidt

Executive Director & CEO
McLane Middleton

“It is imperative that lead is in the business Community Amplified a message that voting sustains our democracy.”

James Rooney

President & CEO
G. B. Chamber of Commerce

“Voting is the very foundation of our democracy. We are making everything to support our employees right to vote.”

Stuart W. Davidson

Willig, Williams & Davidson

“It is critical that as many citizens vote as possible to help ensure that this country moves forward in a way that reflects the vision and values of its people.”

Ned Eames

Founder & CEO

“This year our democracy and our freedoms are more important than ever. I encourage any companies watching this, who have not already signed on, to do so.”

Leslie G. Cohen

Samuels & Associates

“I encourage all of our employees, team members, clients and all of you to please make sure that your voice is heard and please make sure this year to vote.”

Neil Khaund

Livius Tutoring

“We are giving employees a paid day of leave to encourage greater participation in our nation’s democracy. I hope other CEOs will join us.”

Robert K. Coughlin

President & CEO

Be part of the change

Be part of the change

Join CEOs and leaders of organizations across America who are committing to take action to give employees time off to vote and/or to help employees register and access their right to vote in local, state and national elections on their terms – whether at polling locations or from the safety of their own home.

Together, let’s get the vote higher!

Give your employees time off to vote

Give your employees time off to vote. Encourage and assist your employees to register to vote and participate in elections.

Support your employees

Support your employees in the entire voting process – from registration and reminders about upcoming local, state and national elections to locating polling stations or facilitating voting by mail.

Make your commitment public

Encourage more CEOs and leaders of organizations to take the pledge.


Together we can make a difference

Join our growing list of members:


The 2020 presidential election saw the highest voter turnout in the last 50 years.

Your efforts made a difference. But our work isn’t done.

Presidential elections draw more voters than mid-term and local elections. And these other local, state and national elections play an important – and ongoing – role in allowing citizens to choose how they wish to be governed.
Voting is a fundamental right that ensures that democracy is more than just a buzzword. Employers need to ensure that employees have the time to exercise their voting rights.

As CEOs and business leaders, if you take the non-partisan pledge with A Day for Democracy then together we can help our democracy remain vibrant.

Whether you’ve already taken the pledge or are doing so for the first time, your support is needed!

Fill out the form, take the pledge, and help your employees chart our country’s future!

Support your employees

To support your employees in the voting process, we teamed up with TurboVote, a leading online service that aims to help individuals vote in every election – local, state and national.

To learn more, contact TurboVote and reference the A Day for Democracy campaign.

TurboVote offers

During the signup process, TurboVote guides the user through registering to vote via their state’s online voter registration portal, where available, or via the paper-based National Voter Registration Form (NVRF).

Via TurboVote’s notifications, TurboVote guides users through the vote-by-mail process, including how to request a vote-by-mail (or absentee) ballot in states where a request is required.

Democracy Works keeps track of elections around the country at the federal, state, and local levels. Users can choose to receive reminders by email, text, or both, with all of the logistical information needed to successfully cast a ballot. TurboVote also sends notifications when election information changes. For example, messages to alert voters to COVID-related changes.

Help desk: Users can reply to any text or email from TurboVote to get in touch with its help desk, staffed by voting experts, who can answer their questions in English or Spanish.